Emerging Trends In Education

Technological innovations have transformed the world around us and every day, new innovations are being made in different sectors. Education has also benefited from the advancement in technology. Here are some of the changing trends in education that are driving the future of the sector:


Blended Learning

Blended Learning combines online learning and traditional teaching to ensure students get the best of both worlds. This trend in education is becoming more and more common as it becomes almost impossible to avoid technology in education. Higher education institutes are taking advantage of this trend to help students gain practical skills in courses. This model of education boosts learning and encourages engagement from students, allowing them to retain maximum knowledge.


Open Educational Resources

One of the trends in education that has been gradually turning into an entire movement is the open education resources trend. Open education resources are the sharing and publishing of research, academic and intellectual work online, making it accessible and free for everyone. There are many free educational materials on the Internet and they complement learning in institutes by providing faculty content with which to build a class.


Remote And Personalized Learning

Online education platforms have made it possible for students to get education from the comfort of their homes. They can access knowledge anywhere, anytime. This model has also allowed learning to become more personalized. Students can choose what they want to study and the flexibility of online classes allows them to set their own pace. This learning model has been especially important during this time, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing educational institutes across the world to close.



One of the latest trends in education is gamification. Educational apps and games are being developed to make education more fun. The idea is to design games with certain educational outcomes that help students retain knowledge and develop new skills. In online learning, it can also be used to help students stay engaged. This model is also being applied in recruitment drives by organizations to test applicants.